Barnwells House and Garden
Grade 1 listed house c. 1500, Arts and Crafts garden c. 1925
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By the end of the 19th century much of Cerne was part of the Pitt-Rivers family estate, having come under its wing in 1705. It had been inherited in 1880 by Lieutenant-General Augustus Henry Lane-Fox, who added ‘Pitt-Rivers’ to his name to honour the great-uncle who had bequeathed it to him. This distinguished archaeologist died in 1900 and the estate passed to his son, Alexander Edward. When the Pitt-Rivers were faced with enormous death duties after World War 1 they decided that they should sell their estate properties in Cerne.

1919 Sale Catalogue

Barnwells was a part of lot 38 in the Pitt-Rivers Estate sale of 1919.  This lot contained the whole row of jettied medieval houses opposite the church starting with the Pitchmarket and ending with Barnwells. The lot wassold to a Mr Tite for £340. In the following year Joseph Benwell Clark (JBC) bought Barnwells from Mr Tite for the sum of £300. At the time of the sale Barnwells was inhabited by Mr Short.

Location of Lot 38Description of Lot 38 containing Barnwells (Cottage 4)